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BIM REC Are an Essential Recruitment Partner to Individuals & Organisations Looking to WIN with BIM.

BIM REC Are The Leading Talent Acquisition Partner To New & Experienced BIM Individuals & Organisations. Whether You Are Looking To Train Existing Staff, Add Expert Resource, Build A Team From Scratch Or Simply Looking For One or Two People To Join Your Team BIM REC Have You Covered. 

We Understand our Candidates Frustration when you join an Organisation who say they Want to Implement BIM and then Do Not Provide You with the Budget, Training or Give you any Authority to try to start the process.

We Understand our experienced BIM Clients Frustration of Staff Retention, this is why we match up in perfect synergy the personality traits against employer and employee. Or for Clients yet to set out on there BIM journey wanting to Implement BIM however do not have the structure within there organisation set up and are finding the processes and choosing which technologies difficult. We are Here to help with your Journey.


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We Help Companies Source The Finest BIM Talent In The Market, Not Just On The Market.

We Assist BIM Specialists Find Long Term Career Opportunities Helping You WIN With BIM.

We Bring World BIM Leaders Direct to Your Desktop sharing the Latest Strategies, Information & Training on Cutting Edge Developments within the BIM Community.

BIM REC Are A Unique RECruitment Consultancy, We Are The Only Consultancy To Survey The Market On A Regular Basis, Getting To The Heart Of Our Industries Pain Points. We Ask Hard Questions, Helping Our Industry Get To The Bottom Of The Challenges The Industry is Facing. We Help the Industry Overcome Problems Holding Individuals & Organisations Back & Help You Take Action In Implementing Proven Strategies That Help You WIN with BIM.

We Are The 1st & Only International BIM Talent Acquisition Consultancy To Provide FREE Training & Solutions Helping Overcome Your Challenges within BIM please view Our BIM REC Webinar Series Click Previous Webinars.

BIM REC along with our sister company AEC Recruitment always put’s Our Customers First, You Are Our Priority, Working Side By Side with Clients & Candidates.

Via our offices in the UK (London & Brighton) and satellite offices Doha in Qatar & Sydney in Australia we successfully Partner with Individuals and Organisations across the UK, EMEA, APAC & Americas.

Naturally As a Leading BIM Recruitment Solutions Partner to some of the Best Companies in the World; Our Goal throughout the recruitment life cycle is to Over Deliver, Not over commit. We Continue to help Candidates and Clients find Solutions to any Challenges for Your Business or Career.

We work with Companies from Start-Ups, In House Design Teams, Developers, Consultancies through to the Largest Brands in the World. We Have Great Success with Private Practices and Agency Clients who Develop the Best Opportunities within their niche for each Employer and Employee.

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Via our offices in the UK (London & Brighton) and satellite offices Doha in Qatar & Sydney in Australia we successfully partner with individuals and companies across the UK, EMEA, Asia Pacific and USA.

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We are a leading BIM Recruitment Solutions Partner to some of the best companies in the world; our goal throughout the recruitment life cycle is to over deliver, not over commit. We continue to help candidates and clients find solutions to problems adding value to your business or career.

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We work with companies from start-ups, in house design teams, developers, consultancies through to some to the largest brands in the world. We work with leading private practices and agency clients who develop the best opportunities within their niche for each employer and employee.